Friday, August 9, 2013

Discomforts while on Travel

When you are on travel, everything is uncomfortable!  You are out of your comfort zone and these situations will add more discomfort while on travel. 
I guess you already have an idea.

Flood, can't go out. 

Sweet couple on your next table.

Storm in Boracay, can't enjoy the beach! What the! 

The place you would like to visit is not open for viewing. 

Creepy place to stay. 

Ei Mr Pilot, there is a storm along the way. 
Waiting for the next trip, Ok! 

Chinese sign boards?  Is there any translation? 

Riding on a "skylab" and good luck if it's out of balance. 

Saying goodbye with besties, sad moments happen every end of the trip.

Meal for two? Ei, I'm alone in this room.


Sleeping on the couch while waiting for your room. 

1 comment:

  1. ang bongga nung breakfast for two! haha. busugan sa umaga :)