Friday, August 3, 2012

Pangangan Island CALAPE, BOHOL

It was stormy season in Metro Manila when I and my officemate decided to go to Pangangan Island Calape, Bohol for field work. It was a risk that we will ride a boat around the Island during high season of monsoon. 

It was a bit cloudy with slight rain around Metro Manila during our departure from NAIA Terminal Three. I was wishing and hopeful that the weather in Bohol is not the same as in Metro Manila.   

Bohol is a Province and an Island that has so much to offer. It has a lot of activities and perfect for unwinding. It has nice beaches, dive spots, extreme sports, nice views and etc. It has also an easy access from Manila, Cebu and Davao. 

There's a new flight by MidSea Express from Davao-Bohol v.v. check the website for details:

I will go back to Bohol and search new places to unwind. 

Flight 5J 617 bound for Tagbilaran.

Bohol's rehabilitated highways. No more rough roads around Bohol. 
Rows of Indian Trees, some parts are Acacia Trees. 
Calape Town Proper
The Calape Church, not as old as other Bohol Churches.
The Causeway to Pangangan Island.
Cottages within the Causeway

It looks like an abandoned lighthouse. This is the boundary if the Marine Protected Area in Calape. 
We stayed at Treasure Island Beach Resort in Pangangan Island. They have several choices of food, good food. We ordered more on sea foods which it cost so much in big cities. But in Treasure Island the price is affordable. Look for Maam Blessy owner of Treasure Island Resort: 09165569382. If you want to relax and unwind for few days, for me, Treasure Island Resort is perfect for you. 

Sunset view from Treasure Island Resort
Treasure Island Cottage

Aerial view of Pangangan Island

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