Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sibato Island, CALUYA, ANTIQUE

It has been almost a year that I enjoyed Caluya Antique. Every corner of the Island has beauty. Sibato is a Barangay and it is also a lone island which is already adjacent to Boracay. It has an opposite number of crowd compared to Boracay but it has as beautiful as Boracay's fine sand. I won't prolong my words in describing SIBATO, just look at the pictures and see it for yourself.

Bright Blue Sky, perfect weather for sun bathing! 

A rover on duty!

Is it comparable to Bora? What do you think?

Dried sea stars, Protoreaster nodosus

Day Care Center

This is where boats dock. 

Old man preparing his harvested seaweeds for further drying.

Kids were holding fishing rods instead toys.

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